Support for public education has
helped define Louisville as a great city.
Let’s make it even greater.
Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Horne is a graduate of public schools and a passionate supporter.

Stephanie and her husband, attorney Andrew Horne, are the parents of two JCPS students, who attended Bowen Elementary, Kammerer Middle School, and Ballard High School. Their oldest son is now in college.

Stephanie is a respected real estate attorney and business owner of a local title company. Currently the PTSA President at Ballard High School, she has been deeply involved in the public schools for years, including stints as a Workfest volunteer at Bowen, SBDM Board member at Kammerer, and a member of the Calendar Committee for the JCPS School Board.

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Financial Stewardship

We have a $1.3 billion budget to work with.
So let’s put it to work.

I’ve served as a board member for a wide range of community organizations. I’ve made it my mission to ensure funds are well managed. Good planning is important.

What I Believe

Hi, I’m Stephanie Horne and I’m running for Jefferson County School Board. Education is my passion, and I hope you’ll join me in my campaign to put our kids first. My campaign is driven by three core principles: Financial stewardship, commitment to our school system, and my passion as a parent.

Financial Stewardship

JCPS has a $1.3 billion budget. I believe that’s enough. As an attorney and business owner, I have the right experience to oversee this budget. We need to get more resources into the classroom . . . now!

A Commitment to Public Schools

For Louisville to be a truly great city, we need to have first-class schools. No excuses. Our city needs people who will get the job done!

A Parent’s Passion

I’m the parent of JCPS children, and I’ve been involved in our schools for years. I want all our children to succeed and in the process make our schools great. With your help, we can.

Please join me…volunteer, contribute to my campaign, and vote on November 4, 2014 — let’s do this!

I believe we must ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Let’s make that commitment.

I believe Louisville is a city of incredible opportunity, where everyone should have access to a better life.
Let's make the investment to ensure that happens.

Support for public school education has helped define Louisville as a great city . . . let's make it even greater.

Commitment to Public Education

We should expect excellence from our public schools
and focus our resources in the classroom.

We have some of the best public schools in the nation, and it’s something we should be proud of. Yet some of our students and schools are struggling. We need to address the achievement gap honestly and urgently. All our children deserve to reach their full potential. We need to provide them with the opportunity.


I want to volunteer to help elect Stephanie Horne

If you too believe that getting an education has the power to change lives, and that each of us in our community has a responsibility to help make that happen, please join me as a volunteer by filling in and submitting the following form. Your help and support WILL make a difference.

Thank you!

A Parent’s Passion

I’m a volunteer, not a politician.
Big difference.

As a parent of children in public schools I have a vested interest in our children’s success. Supporting teachers and students in the classroom, and providing more resources to the classroom is the key. No more excuses. We can do this!


I want to contribute to help elect Stephanie

Thank you for your willingness to support Stephanie Horne for School Board!

Should you prefer to mail your contribution, please send your contribution made payable to “Stephanie Horne for School Board” along with a note detailing your name, mailing address, occupation, employer and spouse’s employer to:

Stephanie Horne for School Board
P.O. Box 98
Harrods Creek, KY 40027

Maximum aggregate contribution per election is $1,000. Maximum cash contribution per election is $50. Corporate contributions are prohibited. No donations accepted from JCPS employees or their spouses. Contributions to Stephanie Horne for School Board are not considered charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Maximum Contribution:
$1,000 for the Election.

  • Please type the amount you’d like to donate to help Stephanie. We recommend donations of $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 — but any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • $1,000 limit per donor. No donations accepted from Corporations or JCPS employees (if your spouse works at JCPS no donations will be accepted).

Contact Stephanie

We want to hear from you! Please sign up to receive email posts and news about the campaign. You can follow the campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!

Stephanie Horne for School Board
P.O. Box 98
Harrods Creek, KY 40027


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